Creative Twins Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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Announcing a twin pregnancy can be twice as nice, especially when you use one of these creative twin pregnancy announcement ideas to help inspire you!

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While every pregnancy announcement is special, there’s something about announcing twins that truly makes people double over with excitement (get it?). There are so many adorable opportunities to have fun with sharing the big news!

Whether you’re looking for a way to announce a rainbow twin pregnancy, a funny pregnancy announcement or a twin pregnancy announcement that also doubles as a gender reveal, we’ve gathered some real twin announcements to help. All of these are shared with permission from the original creator, so be sure to go check out their Instagram profiles too!

Your loved ones will do a double take when they see your twin announcement!

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15 Cute and Creative Twin Pregnancy Announcements

These list of creative ideas is full of ways to share the good news. What better way to share that you’re becoming twin parents then with the cutest twin pregnancy announcement ideas!

Movie Poster Inspired Pregnancy Announcement

Photo Credit @wrenphotolab

How cute is this movie poster inspired announcement? Including the due date, ultrasounds and of course a baby name book, this twin pregnancy announcement idea is epic and one of our favorite funny twin pregnancy announcements.

This is also a great photo to recreate as a decoration for your baby shower, or use as a digital announcement!

Classic Ultrasound Surprised Photo

Photo Credit @sheandhem

Recreate the excitement and shock you felt during that first ultrasound when you share snap of your two bundles of joy with the world. Everyone loves reaction pictures during a baby announcement, and this cute idea is the perfect way to share your news.

Funny Twin Onesies

Photo Credit @intuitively_tee

What a perfect excuse to start buying baby clothing! Twin baby announcements onesies not only make a great photo, but your little ones can also rock them after they arrive.

Here are a few cute ones to check out for your own twin pregnancy announcement:

Diving Into the Deep End of Twins

Photo credit @amanda.rinke

What a creative idea to showcase not only your soon to be arriving twins, but just how DEEP the deep end of becoming parents becomes when you’re welcoming more than one! Here’s a similar Buy One Get One Free set of onesies

Two Buns in the Oven

Photo Credit @luv_luxe

A play on the classic bun on the oven, and another excuse to show those adorable twin ultrasound photos again, too. You can also make it a sweet surprise with cupcakes instead. This is a fun maternity photo to take as well!

Rainbow Twin Pregnancy Announcement

Photo credit @trizzy_traee

Announcing twins after previously experiencing a pregnancy loss? Your rainbow babies will be so loved! Use that sonogram picture with some rainbow string!

Fur Sibling Twin Pregnancy Announcement

Photo credit @dkdeleeuw

For many of us, our fur babies are our first babies, and will become your twins siblings, too! This easy twin pregnancy announcement idea is a great one to include your four legged friends in, especially if this is your first pregnancy. This pair of best friends can’t wait to become the older sibling!

Cute Twin Onesies

Photo credit @slothbabyco

Trust me, you’re going to need A LOT of coffee as new parents! Love the idea? Here are a few other food-inspired twin onesies you might love too from some small businesses on Etsy:

Classic Baby Jammies Twin Announcement

Photo credit @kayliesbookcorner

Include the whole family in your twins announcement big reveal! How can you resist those baby bear jammies? Bonus: you’ll already have a set of matching pajamas to rock with your little ones after their arrival.

You can usually find these cute jammies at Carters, if you want to snag a set for your own family.

Twin Pregnancy Announcement and Gender Reveal in One

Photo credit @daniellelcurrie

Want to combine your twin pregnancy announcement into a gender reveal? Or perhaps you’re just looking for a way to show off those sweet ultrasound photos a second time! Either way, incorporating cute gender reveal onesies like these with an ultrasound photo is a great idea.

A Little Miracle is On the Way

Photo credit @keto_coach_lauren

The famous phrase “God laughs when you make plans” is a wonderful one to remember when your twin pregnancy is announced, especially if you’ve been struggling with infertility. A reminder of God’s sense of humor and timing with a custom-made t shirt, no professional photo shoot needed.

Happily Ever After

Photo credit @nayalmonte

This sweet and very personal twin announcement includes multiple nods to the soon-to-be parents of two: one of their happy places, their favorite Starbucks orders and of course, two baby bottles and ultrasound images!

FRIENDS Inspired Twin Pregnancy Announcement

Photo credit @mr.manjurkar

Friends fans? Then you’ll love this creative twin pregnancy announcement! Not only does it incorporate the classic show into the letterboard sign, but these adorable Friends-inspired baby onesies are adorable, too.

You can find a similar set here and an adorable set of 5 Friends baby onesies here.

Floral Letter Board Pregnancy Announcement

Photo credit @vintage_toothfairy

This beautiful letter board announcement is an easy one to recreate yourself. All you need is your backyard or a field filled with blooms, a letter board like this, baby booties or pairs of baby shoes, and your ultrasound picture.

Double Trouble

Photo credit @mrsjordandemeules

Include your own favorite baby outfits in your double trouble cute announcement!

I hope this collection of creative pregnancy announcement ideas helped you find a great way to share your exciting news. Which of these twin pregnancy announcement ideas was your favorite?

Whether you’re looking for something to post on social media, or a little inspiration for a cute pregnancy announcement to share just with family members, I’m sending you all the happy vibes on your pregnancy journey!

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